About Us

Our History:           

Goodees Clothing was founded by college students at Middlebury College in 2012 who loved wearing comfortable and classy clothes but were tired of paying ridiculous prices to get quality, good looking apparel. Over the years, Goodees has grown to become a premier clothing line for today's classy, preppy look.




Our Mission Statement

Goodees is more than just a brand – we are a commitment to a happy, comfortable, and caring way of life. The word “goodees” itself represents objects, moments, and memories that ignite the “good” feelings. These good feelings are a lifestyle that we are constantly pushing ourselves to find; exploring our passions and living adventurously. When we explore our passions and pursue happiness, that’s when we truly find the very things that make us happy–our Goodees . The ever-burning fire and passion at Goodees, day in and day out, is making comfortable and classy products that can bring you one step close to finding your passions.

Furthermore, we want our brand and those who wear it to be inspired. That is why we choose to give 10% of our profits to charitable organizations that work tirelessly to improve our society. Our hope is that when people wear Goodees, they not only feel good about their purchase but they are inspired to continue to spread the message of philanthropy to those around them.  

We love hearing from our customers so send us any comments, suggestions, or pictures of you rocking your Goodees by email or social media!

Thank you for shopping with us!